Sunday, 29 December 2013

Observation log template

Below I have provided an attachment to a sample observation log template that I have created in Microsoft Word. I have combined different ideas gathered from various internet searches. I use this template to plan my observations ahead of a session and also to record information during the session.

You can download the template and use it as it is or modify the template for your own needs.

About the Template:
  • The top section of the template is where you can log the basic details of your observation. This section is created as an MS Word table so you could easily populate it when opened in Word or just print it out and populate it manually when you are out observing. The section has cells to record basic information of your observation like the object you are observing, the date and time of the observation, location, equipment used and comments. 
  • The bottom section is where you can provide screen-prints from a planetarium software with steps of the star-hop to your chosen object (or target). Stellarium is a free planetarium program that I use to create my star-hop screen-prints ahead of my observing session. I create a wide view of the part of the sky were the object is and then use the ocular functionality to generate views as expected through my binoculars. Hopefully the example provided in the template demonstrates my intended use for this section. (Tip: the settings in Stellarium allow you to save images of the view in negative to a folder of your choice by simply typing CTRL+S)

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