Saturday, 11 October 2014

Observing Session Summary - Saturday 4th October 2014

First night out with my new set-up. I had the dew control accessories and the Canon 450D hooked up to the 8 inch GSO and for the first time I had my new 80mm triplet mounted as a counterweight.

The 80mm is built for Astrophotography so is a bit overkill for visual work. This said, the views of the Moon through the 80mm were out of this world. Next step is to get some images of the Moon. 

I also had the camera hooked up to my laptop to try to get some images of M31 (the Andromeda Galaxy). With help from my brother we manually tracked the galaxy and got 180 shots. We also took the calibration frames.

Unfortunately, the images wouldn't stack in Deep Sky Stacker because it could not detect any stars. This was likely becaue the 1.6 second exposures caused the stars to trail. Not to worry; a good learning experience. Any deep sky imaging really does need a motorised equatorial mount to track the stars.

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